Monday, February 20, 2006

Notes on The Complete New Yorker DVDs

I don't subscribe to the New Yorker because it's way too much for me to deal with every week. What am I going to do with 80 years' worth?
  • The abstacts are very detailed and worth reading themselves.
  • There's no full text search.
  • You can't copy text from the articles.
  • The biggest barrier to writing is reading.
  • Switching DVDs is quaint - very 1980s, but it sure would be nice if all this were available on the web. I wonder at their decision not to do that.
  • The package and book are printed and manufactured in China.
  • The up arrow icon in the upper left of the frame ejects the DVD. That's useful to know.
  • Search of the complete archive is slow and it can't be interrupted.
  • There's no text search within the abstracts. I have to copy and past the text into WordPad and search it there.
  • No tags, but at least an item can be in more than one reading list.
  • Over four thousand issues, almost half a million pages.
  • Stacked into a cube more than five feet on a side.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Want to create a free web site?

Try PBWiki.

Disclosure: As a result of mentioning PBWiki here they promise to double the amount of storage I have available. Call it viral marketing.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The End of Innocence?

For Fancy Nancy, that delightful period of innocence, between the time you discover a wonderful new book and when you realize that the publisher is gearing up for a full press marketing campaign with product tie-ins, is over. At Borders this past weekend Miss Susan found a Fancy Nancy Dress-Up kit. I actually don't find it on-line (yet?) so maybe there's hope.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Wi-Fi security

Practical, common sense advice for staying secure when you're using wifi at the library, or any similar situation (coffe shop, hotel...) - Read it.