Monday, June 13, 2005

Jump from Minerva to Amazon

Here is a way to go directly from the Minerva web page for a book to the Amazon page for the book. In case you think this is cheating, not to worry! Librarians use Amazon all the time to get information about books. You should too.

The steps are the same three steps outlined in the previous post for installing the LibraryLookup script, except for step three you must use this script.

Once the script is installed, look up a book in Minerva. Once you've found the book, click on the button that says 'MARC DISPLAY'. There will be an Amazon link above the Marc data. Click on that and it will take you directly to the Amazon page for the book.

Note that this is not foolproof. If the book doesn't have an ISBN in the Marc data, then there will be no Amazon link. And there are actually some books that Amazon doesn't have.

The same offer goes: I'm happy to help you get this running on your machine (244-4425 or mshook [at] gmail [dot] com)


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